J. Gleandinning

Truthfulness Rating:54%


I was only a kid when they protested Monanzo’s plans. A part of me wishes I had been there. I want to go back and stand and fight for the streets. These giant edifices to corporate culture are making my family sick.

 My Dad moved us out of the house our family had owned for years and into the Corporate Strata a few years after the protest. He’d said it was time. Time for what; I wasn’t sure then, and I sure as hell don’t know now, eighteen long, sheltered, years later. He had bought into it, though. The zero commute time, the stress-free life, health and education systems unparalleled at street level.

 I hate it.

 He had never been the most amazing father, and his complete lack of shits when it came to our feelings made it abundantly clear he still subscribed to that ancient bull about the e of the household. Only, now, we didn’t have a house. We are one tiny part of the greater whole in this monstrosity…

 And no one cares about us. No one stops him from ignoring his family like he does. Unlimited access to leisure activities is corporate speak for ‘it’s okay to ignore your family.’

 Somehow it’s even worse when he invites me to go with him. I don’t have the luxury of only guessing what he does. I get to see it, experience it, first hand.  It’s more bull shit designed to forge the perfect peon. It’s irreverent, and it casually dismisses everything we stood for…though, I guess knowing that only proves how well this system actually works.

 I hate that.

 70% of us live up here. There are loads of people to talk to here. But how many of them would actually listen to what I have to say? How many would care about when I remembered when he would sit me on his knee and sing, ‘Row, row, row your boat.’ And I told him I had thought of it, his response was:

 ‘That doesn’t sound like me.’

 No, it doesn’t. That’s the problem.

 If I could go back to the 40’s, I would fight this. All of this. I would tell them to leave the cubes out of the plans. We didn’t need them then and we don’t need them now…

 I can’t be the only one can I?



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